Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hospital Visits

So I know my Consultant warned me that this was going to be a long hard pregnancy but the last couple of weeks have definitely been hard. 

When I was having Brandon everything went smoothly until I got to 28 weeks and then everything started going downhill. 

This time it's been  harder earlier. For a start there's all the medication plus 6 injections a day (although I can say I'm used to those now).  I'm nearly 43 years old and I already have a demanding (but wonderful) pre-schooler to look after. Plus there's the 7 months of morning sickness so far. 

To top it all off I ended up going to hospital on Friday morning (21/06) at 4.30 due to really bad pains in my side. When I got there they found protein and blood in my urine so they sent a sample off to the lab. By the Thursday after I was in terrible pain again but I already had an appt for the Friday so they could check my urine again as the lab had only found " mixed growth" and not a specific infection. After making it through Thursday night feeling really ill and sick with the pain they saw me as the first patient on Friday.  This time my Consultant prescribed Cephalexin (antibiotics) for what they think is a kidney infection and Co-codamol 30/500 in case of any more episodes of pain. Fingers crossed the antibiotics will work. 

This Friday (yes that's 3 weeks in a row) I'm back for a growth scan, a check on my amniotic fluid and general consultant and diabetic team check. 

In spite of all this I know that in around 10 weeks time it will all be worth it :)

Monday, 27 May 2013

Mumkind Pregnancy Nutrition Products Review

We had a lovely day out on Sunday at The Baby Show (NEC Birmingham). While we were there I got to meet the lovely people from Mumkind who kindly gave me some of their products to try.

Being pregnant and diabetic is very difficult as I have to be careful about absolutely everything I eat, and how it's going to affect my blood sugar.

As one of my mid morning snacks I often have a breakfast bar to stave off the dreaded hypo's* which happen if I don't have enough to eat between breakfast and lunch.

As part of their range Mumkind have 2 types of Bump to Baby Nutrition Bars. One is half coated in chocolate and the other is a refreshing fruity berry, which is half covered in yoghurt. Both of them are very tasty. Brandon particularly liked the yoghurt one which he ate and then asked for more :) (note to self - eat in secret lol). As an added bonus, as well as tasting lovely they have 25%RDA of all the nutrients that are essential during pregnancy. The bars have round about 20g of carbs, which is perfect for a diabetic snack (usually around 20-30g carbs for me).

The other product I really wanted to try was the water enhancer, Water Our Way. Since being pregnant all hot drinks make me feel sick so I've been sticking to mainly water with the occasional diet/caffeine free fizzy drink. After 5months water does get slightly boring, so the sound of a berry flavouring that's calorie free and carb free sounded perfect. Add a couple of drops to water and you have a nice refreshing drink plus it has a mix of B vitamins to help fight tiredness and fatigue. The flavouring comes in a handy little bottle, perfect for popping into your handbag when you're out.

Mumkind also do a wide range of other pregnancy nutrition products, which you can see and purchase on the Mumkind website.

Overall I've been very pleased with the products I was given to try and I don't remember seeing any other products like this that are made specifically for pregnant ladies.

Go take a look and try out some of their products. Its much healthier than munching on a chocolate bar :)

*when blood sugar goes dangerously low

Monday, 13 May 2013

Walkers Hoops & Crosses

What a lovely surprise we had when we got home from our holiday.

We found this cheeky monkey in our porch, and he'd brought with him a lovely sample of walkers new Hoops & Crosses for us to try.

Well Brandon claimed the monkey straight away, where he now lives happily in Brandon's bed with the multitude of other cuddly toys. I really don't know how he manages to sleep.

Onto the Hoops & Crosses. As I'm diabetic I have to be really careful with what "treats" I allow myself to have. On reading the info about these though I think they're something that I can happily treat myself to once in a while.

They're made from 56% wholegrain and only 85 calories per bag. The flavours are beef (the flavour I tried), prawn cocktail and salt and vinegar (all suitable for vegetarians).  The beef flavour tastes exactly like the beef monster much (my favourite flavour), and the bag is absolutely packed with tiny hoops and crosses. No half bag measures here.

Brandon had a taste, but I think the flavour was a bit strong for him. I like a lot of flavour though, so I happily ate them.

Overall I think they are a healthier alternative to "normal" crisps.

Please note. I was sent these for review purposes, but all views are my own.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pre School & Potty training.

So my little baby started pre-school this week. When we put his name down it seemed so far away, but the time has just flown by. Cue panicking from me for the last two weeks about how he (I ) would cope.

I potty/toilet/whateveryouliketocallit trained him before he started as I just really didn't fancy anyone else changing his nappy.

Now I'd tried a couple of times before but he obviously just wasn't ready. I know some people say that once you start not to give up, but I really couldn't see the point when he wasn't interested. Plus I've done this twice before so I knew he'd get it eventually.

This time when I decided to try again I told him that big boys that go to school don't wear nappies, and he got it this time in a day. Literally. I didn't keep asking him if he wanted to go to the toilet, as this just annoyed him. In the end I put on track suit bottoms or something loose that he could pull up and down himself and he'd just use the potty when he wanted to.

The only setback we had was when we put pull-ups on him for a day when we went out. The next day he didn't want to wear pants again, so we've never used them again. He's also dry at nap times and through the night, which has really pleased me.

So back to pre-school. I've only got him in for 2 days a week, 9-11.30, which I think is enough to start off with. Plus the fact that 2 hours a day walking is absolutely killing me lol.

Tuesday was his first day. We walked and he was happy holding my hand and counting all the lorries, buses, cars etc that went past. He also says "good morning" to everyone that walks by. That makes me laugh, he's like a little old man.

I took him in, showed him his coat peg and he was off. No crying. No goodbye mummy. Just gone.

When I picked him up they told me he'd had a brilliant time. He'd even had toast at snack time, something he rarely eats at home. He's one of the youngest there, as most don't start until after they're 3, and the teachers said they can't believe how he's just settled in.

I didn't think it would be a problem, but the only time he's ever been looked after by anyone else it's been his big brothers, and that's usually just a couple of hours while I go to the hospital (such an exciting life). But he's settled in like he's been going there forever.

Aww my baby is growing up.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Daily Routine

My life at the moment consists of taking medication, testing my blood sugar and injecting myself.

A typical day at the moment goes something like this:-

Wake up and prick finger to check fasting blood sugar levels.

Take Levothyroxine with water (at least half an hour before eating or drinking anything else.

Have a shot of insulin (currently 32 units of fast acting) 15 minutes before breakfast. I was taking it with breakfast, but due to having a lot of mid morning hypo's I've been advised to try this.

Eat breakfast and 1hr later prick finger to check blood sugar levels.

9am shot of Clexane

Another shot of fast acting insulin with lunch. As long as I'm sensible with my food I only need around 8-10 units. An hour later another finger prick to check my blood sugar levels.

After lunch take 2xMetformin and Aspirin

Take another 8-10 units of insulin with dinner and the prick my finger an hour later to check sugar levels.

After dinner take another 2xMetformin and Cholecalciferol(for vit D deficiency).

9pm another shot of Clexane.

Bedtime take a slow acting insulin to work overnight for my fasting levels. Currently taking 24 units.

As you can see my day revolves around lots of timing. Thank goodness for the timer on my iPhone :)

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Well we eventually did it.

18 months, 4 miscarriages, a mountain of medication, a lot of injections and many hospital appointments later and I'm pregnant!!!

Yes really pregnant. 14 weeks tomorrow and we've had 2 scans and everything is looking good so far.

We are so thrilled to finally be here. I know I've got a long way to go, and as my consultant put it "its going to be a long hard pregnancy, but we'll get there".

My due date is 27/09/2013, but as I'm already diabetic I will be induced around 38 weeks, which is right around 13th September (my 43rd birthday).

I'm on a lot of medication and a lot of injections, but I'll go into that in another post. For now please keep your fingers crossed for us.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Wow it's been a really long time since I wrote here. I find that the longer I leave between blogging, the harder it gets to just start again. I'm the same with phoning people :) Anyway just a quick update. My thyroid levels became worse again and so my medication has now increased to 125mcg per day. I've also been on insulin for a few weeks now. Still haven't got the levels right, but I have to keep increasing the insulin until I hit the targets, so it's a bit hit & miss at the moment. Hope everyone else is ok. Xxx
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